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Our desire to help others inspired us to establish Forest of Herbs. We dreamed of offering the absolute best products, causing us to take a trip around the world.


Our travels were motivated by our goal to find the planet’s best herbs and foods. We personally tested many different options before formulating our special products that boost the health of our customers.

We know the extra effort was worth it. And we think you will agree, once you take a look at our collection of superfoods.

How our products are made?

They are either made by the process

" FREEZE DRYING ", or in the form of an EXTRACT! Washed, and carefully sorted out, before turning into powder, they have been harvested in industrial free zones and are completly pure, made out of only one ingredient! These two forms, save all the nutrition these superfoods have to offer and even double them!


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Guess the superfood!

Butterfly Pea

How to use them?

Desserts     Shakes     Puddings     Smoothie bowls     Dressings

Raw bites     Raw cakes    Baked goods    Lattes

Hummus    Pancakes    Biscuits    Oats

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Vegan, raw muffins made with




Our products can be used in absolutely everything! Thanks to their powder form they can be added into smoothie bowls, shakes, all kinds of desserts or even only in water!.


They will gift you with a beautiful vibrant color with which you can transform your food into art, and they will take your energy to the next level! Did you know that if a food has a vibrant color, it means that the levels of antioxidants are higher? Well, this is an interesting fact, so buckle up and go on a rainbow adventure with our colorful and yummy powders!


GLUTEN free and VEGAN, they are uniquely, carefully and ethically harvested and produced with care, delivering you with the most nutrient- dense products on the market. This way you will receive the maximum of health benefits these Superfoods have to offer!



We believe that when you have a healthy body, you have the capacity to enjoy all the blessings life offers. That’s why we make sure that you have access to the incredible nutrition found in our superfoods.


This vital nutrition empowers your immune system to carry out its job, which setting your whole body up for success! Our products will gift you with a lot of smiles and positive energy and we guarantee that you will feel the love we have put into them!


We also believe that our planet is a forest full of health-promoting herbs and foods that give us the nutrition we need to thrive. We must consume those foods if we want to be as healthy as possible. When you start incorporating them into your daily life, your health will soar to new heights!

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