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The story behind our design!

Behind everything we do and present stands a story with an important meaning. You have probably been wondering why there are so many swirl details in our design of our products? We got the answer for you! Have you ever heard about the golden ratio? Well buckle up, because this is a special message, we want to give out to you!

The golden ratio is one of the most important details of our brand and is the meaning behind our products! BALANCE – because this is the answer to leaving a healthy lifestyle! In one sentence the golden ratio is a structure built by harmony! Interesting, right? Did you know, that Leonardo Davinci uses the golden ratio as the perfect proposition for the ideal human body. This is why you will find the GOLDEN RATIO in absolutely everything around you! In the famous Mona Lisa painting, in the ancient Egyptian pyramids or even in a small beautiful flower you will come across during your walk in the mountains. The secret is that you just have to have to look beyond the surface of everything that is around you! The real answer is there, with everything that you see not only with your eyes, but with your mind.

The power of the mind is on a whole new level! And know we come to our products which are a pure gift from nature and will gift your body with the harmony needed to function its best way and keep you happy. Our products are natural superfood powders which have nutrition levels up to the sky! They will balance your body, boost your immune system and benefit your overall health. Our products contain exactly what the golden ratio represents – BALANCE! And that is the key!

This is a short explanation about the story of our design and what we want to say with it to the world! Now you know, that everything we do is from our heart and aims to help you as much as possible! While you are reading this, look around you and you will be surprised by how you will find this golden ratio symbol in everything that is aesthetically pleasing to your eye! Just look beyond the surface! Now it is time to have a healthy snack and gift yourself with the nutrition you deserve using just one tablespoon of our SUPERFOOD POWDERS!