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Bamboo STRAW - Set of 6

8.00 лв
  • Bamboo Straw

Say no to plastic and drink sustainably in our 100% natural bamboo straw. These vegan, futuristic straws are not only eco-friendly but quite decorative as well. As you sip out of our natural bamboo straw, you develop an unexplained bond with nature. Buying this straw not only helps the environment but also helps thriving a small industry. The best feature is that it is reusable as well as washable. The strong and sturdy bamboo straw is bound to go a long way. Gift these more and more to your friends and help starting a much-needed trend.

  • Eco-friendly & Ethical
  • Size: 16 cm
  • Vegan
  • Reusable
  • Durable

Bamboo STRAW - Set of 6

8.00 лв