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Coconut Ebony Spoon

6.00 лв
  • Coconut Ebony Spoon

Like yin to yang, this coconut spoon made from Ebony is a quintessential add-on to your ethical, eco-friendly coconut bowl. Dig into your favourite bowl with this vegan and sustainable spoon to complete the set. Gifted by nature and beautifully handcrafted by the expert artisans, this ebony spoon finished with coconut oil is the spoon of future. The style factor is an amazing add-on to it.

Throw away your plastic cutlery and do the planet a huge favour by switching to environment friendly, ethical counterparts.

  • 100% Natural
  • Length 16cm
  • Made from ebony wood, finished with coconut oil
  • Reusable & Easy to clean
  • Durable

Coconut Ebony Spoon

6.00 лв